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Select and buy alloy steel pills

2020-04-27 16:25:01 administrator 3

  In this mixed market, all kinds of products, whether fake or genuine, are common, quality assurance is another matter, so how should we judge the quality? The quality of alloy steel pills directly determines its use, for the quality is *** can not be careless, so how should we choose and buy?

  Alloy steel shot also known as cast steel shot, there are high carbon steel shot (high carbon cast steel shot) and low carbon steel shot (low carbon cast steel shot also known as bainitic steel shot) is the use of scrap steel raw materials, after melting by electric furnace 1500-1650℃, with centrifugal atomization granulation or water impact atomization granulation, drying, screening, packaging and other treatment to obtain metal abrasive.

  Speaking of the types of steel pills, different alloy steel pills selected production materials and production equipment are not the same, the main use of non-hydration production process, can effectively solve the porosity, slag and other casting defects, greatly improve the quality of products, also adapt to the quenching requirements. We also remind the majority of friends here, in the addition of new alloy steel pills, we must remember the principle of a small amount of frequently added.

  1. The chemical composition and carbon content of the products concerned should be moderate. Silicon and manganese can enhance the strength and hardness of alloy steel pills. Sulfur, phosphorus are harmful elements, easy to make it brittle, lead to premature rupture, should be as low as possible.

  2, must be in the composition and specification of the size of the identification, specification of the size of the product, can play a better effect. Alloy steel shot too soft will slow down the clearing speed, reduce the work efficiency. Shot peening strengthening, too soft can not produce a suitable residual stress, low hardness of the product, its force is impossible to increase the impact time to compensate. Hard cross high, will produce an unsatisfactory appearance appearance, increase the fracture rate of alloy steel pills, make the consumption is too high, and the wear of the equipment is greater, increase the maintenance cost of equipment, so the appropriate hardness is also very important.