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Effect of steel shot on peening of pipe fitting

2020-04-27 16:15:46 administrator 0

  Everyone wants to peen the effect is very ideal, among which the necessary conditions have a lot of, for example, the raw material surface is good, choose the right peen pressure and process technology problems and so on, are very important conditions;

  Steel shot reinforcement peening will cause the plastic deformation of the sprayed surface of the parts, resulting in changes in the surface roughness of the parts, and the surface roughness, surface waviness and shape error are all geometric errors of the parts, and the surface roughness of the parts has an important impact on the performance of machine parts;

  Actually, workpiece processing effect is not only related to the hardness of steel shot, with the shape of the model of steel shot and steel grit has a certain relationship, such as the surface of the irregular steel shot will be higher than round steel shot derusting efficiency, but the surface is rough, so we chose to use steel shot for wages when cleaning must be according to own actual demand from steel shot model, hardness, specifications and shapes the aspects such as choice;

  You know, the greater the hardness of steel shot brittleness will, we at the time of the workpiece to clean, although the cleaning efficiency is greatly raised, but the consumption of steel shot also increases, at the same time, the service life of steel shot will be shorten, so we consider from the Angle of economic benefits, we recommend for general workpiece choose moderate hardness steel shot for cleaning processing.