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Three methods for determining the hardness of steel shot

2020-04-27 15:25:01 administrator 0

  Because the steel pellet is a special material through special heat treatment and formed a kind of material, and different types of steel pellet has different sizes, specifications and hardness, and its hardness is an important index to measure the quality of the steel pellet.

  1. Brinell hardness; This is a hardened steel ball with a certain diameter. Under the action of a certain load (p), it is pressed into the surface of the specimen and stays for a period of time. Then, the load is removed and the area of the indentation is measured.

  Rockwell hardness; 3. Under the specified applied load, we vertically pressed the steel ball or diamond head into the surface of the specimen to produce indentation, tested the indentation depth, and then used the rockwell hardness formula HR=(k-h)/C to calculate rockwell hardness.

  Simply put, the shallower the indentation, the greater the HR value and the higher the material hardness. Let's call it "HRC"; Represents that the indentation depth of the specimen is 0.08mm when the test load is 150kg and the top Angle is 120 ° of the diamond cone head is used.

  3. Vickers hardness;

  This is a diamond square pyramid with a top Angle of 136 degrees as the pressure head. When the steel ball is pressed into the surface of the specimen under a certain load, square indentation will be left. The hardness value can be detected according to the diagonal length.