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Purpose of steel shot

2020-04-27 15:16:46 administrator 0

  USES of cast steel pellet:

  Cleaning: shot blasting, shot peening, die casting, casting shot blasting, forging shot blasting, shot blasting, sand cleaning, steel plate cleaning, steel plate cleaning, h-beam cleaning, steel structure cleaning.

  Derusting: shot blasting derusting, shot peening derusting, casting derusting, forging derusting, steel plate derusting, forgings derusting, steel derusting, h-beam derusting, steel structure derusting.

  Reinforcement: shot blasting, shot peening of heat-treated parts, shot peening of gear.

  Shot peening: shot peening of section steel, sand blast of section steel, shot blasting of ship plate, shot peening of steel plate, shot peening of steel.

  Shot blasting: steel plate shot blasting, steel shot blasting, steel shot blasting.

  Sanding: sanding treatment.

  Pretreatment of cast steel shot: coating pretreatment, coating pretreatment, surface pretreatment, ship plate pretreatment, section steel pretreatment, steel steel pretreatment, steel structure pretreatment.