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Application of steel pellet in industrial derusting

2020-04-27 15:13:38 administrator 0

  Steel shot internal structure is fine, not easy to break. The uniform distribution of particle size can eliminate stress and improve the surface hardness of workpieces. The following is the important role of steel pellets in industrial derusting.

  Because the whole machine and parts of the construction machinery are heavier, the heat capacity is large, so its rust protection coating of the dry usually choose to bake uniform hot air convection drying method. Heat source can be tailored, choose steam, electricity, light diesel, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. Because the construction machinery scale is wide, the standard is much, the whole machine weight, the component is big, usually selects the spraying method carries on the coating. Spraying things have air gun, high pressure airless gun, air auxiliary gun and portable electrostatic gun.

  Steel shot air spray gun spraying power is low (about 30%), high pressure airless spray gun spoilage paint, both together is characterized by severe environmental pollution, so is being replaced by air auxiliary spray gun and portable static gun. Construction machinery coating equipment is usually the more advanced water - spray - painting chamber. Small and medium-sized parts can also choose the water curtain spray room or no pump spray room.

  Steel pellet has proper hardness, fast cleaning speed, and good elasticity, the inner corner or the shape of complex products can be uniform and fast cleaning, shorten the processing time, improve the processing capacity, reduce the production cost.