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Shot blasting process for surface treatment of steel shot

2020-04-27 15:12:58 administrator 0

  Steel shot is a commonly used material in the shot blasting equipment for processing a variety of materials.

  1. This kind of steel shot blasting has the advantage of high efficiency. The average feeding speed is from 1 m to 3 m per minute. According to the special requirements, the upper and lower sides can be processed simultaneously.

  2. The processing quality of the product after surface treatment with steel pellets is stable. Because the steel pellets of the same standard are used, automatic control will be carried out in the process of shot blasting, so the lines on the surface of the workpiece will be cleaned evenly.

  3, the surface roughness of the stone material can be processed according to the need to choose different kinds of steel pellets according to the roughness.

  4. The production process is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The latest shot blasting technology using steel pellets has replaced the previous quartz blasting, and the dust level has been reduced to the minimum. Steel pellets can be recycled for reuse.

  5. The production cost of shot blasting is low. Under the current full load condition, the cost of steel shot blasting process is only 0.4-0.65 yuan /M.

  6, for the stone surface treatment of the shot blasting process of steel shot is mainly made of nickel cadmium alloy, so it will not cause ordinary steel shot caused by the stone surface rust.

  Steel shot hardness to moderate, uniform size, such specifications to extend the service life. When used with appropriate equipment, steel pellets are the best abrasive for your surface cleaning due to their durability.