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Steel shot for surface cleaning

2020-04-27 15:12:15 administrator 0

  Steel pellets are also widely used in the foundry industry to remove sand from the surface of the workpiece after the workpiece is removed from the mold. When used with suitable equipment, it is the best abrasive for your surface cleaning because it is durable.

  To install steel ball mill according to the reasonable proportion and match ball diameter is right, but it is not necessary when large packed separately, since mill barrel is one of the packed separately also useless, to run will blender. As the production of medium (steel) and also can wear smaller, need time adding ball, such trouble and useless packed separately ball impact the production. Fill the ball in accordance with the size and proportion of the ball on the line, the shape of the ball and small hardness so that the steel ball will not produce greater wear on the equipment. The hardened pellet is dried and reheated in the furnace to achieve the desired hardness, and the tempered steel pellet is divided into different grades through a mechanical screen. Products of different size and hardness are used for different processes, such as surface strengthening. Before plating workpiece, workpiece adhesive can handle sand blasting scale on the surface of the workpiece and all dirt removed, and the surface it is very important to set up the basis of the schema (usually the so-called hair side), but also by changing different particle size of abrasive, to varying degrees of roughness, greatly improve the workpiece and the adhesion strength of the coating, plating materials. Steel shot is used for steel plate pretreatment, generally used for rust removal before painting.

  There are many kinds of steel shot. Different steel shot requires different raw materials and different equipment. Production of steel pellet, there are also relevant production lines and equipment, can be directly purchased. There are many places where steel pellets are needed, such as casting, forging, machined parts table, parts after heat treatment table, etc., can be sold to the relevant places, such as general manufacturing, shipbuilding and so on, general heavy industry will have more or less demand.

  Advanced casting technology equipment: adopt the international advanced non-hydration production technology, that is, the use of completely dry resin sand on the metal film, completely eliminate the possibility of water glass moisture caused by the pores, slag and other casting defects, so that the product quality has a qualitative leap; And improved iron - carbon ratio, fully adapt to the quenching requirements.