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Different USES of steel sand

2020-04-27 15:10:51 administrator 0

  Specialized in manufacturing and using abrasive friends all know that in many abrasive products, use effect is best steel shot, steel grit has a long service life, in shape, steel shot product size uniform, with suitable hardness, in the process of work, can have very good cleaning effect, fast clean sand consumption is low, not broken, clean up the workpiece intensity big, the technical effect is good, without affecting the use life of the products.

  For being the workpieces, steel shot have moderate hardness, toughness, impact resistance, can be used for several times repeatedly the characteristics of steel shot products long life, good elasticity and adhesion, speediness, low consumption of sand, not broken, clean up the workpiece intensity big, the technical effect is good, the metal surface treated by this product cleanliness can be up to international standards, in the industry, is the best product.

  Steel sand specification classification, different specifications, for processing different parts, have a long service life. Play a different role. High quality steel sand products, in the processing of the workpiece, can effectively act on the surface of the workpiece, quickly clean the surface of the effect, the processing of the workpiece surface quality is good, can be used for a long time.

  In industry, steel sand as an abrasive, is used in grinding wheel, whetstone, grinding head, sand tile and other aspects, can also do hardware, glass, gem, jade and other polishing. High quality steel sand products, looking forward to your purchase.