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Four advantages of steel shot

2020-04-27 14:39:21 administrator 0

  Steel pellet has enough density, proper metallographic structure, fast cleaning speed, stable quality, less consumption, has a lot of advantages, the following small series focus on the four advantages of steel pellet:

  1, the cleaning speed is fast: the steel ball has the appropriate hardness, the cleaning speed is fast, and the rebound elasticity is good, the inner corner or the shape of the complex products can be uniform and fast cleaning, shorten the processing time, improve the processing capacity, reduce the production cost.

  2, long life, less consumption: steel pellet internal defects are few, the metallography is composed of tempered martensite, tempered troosite, impact resistance, long life.

  3. It has the effect of eliminating stress and improving strength: the steel pill has fine internal structure and is not easy to be broken. The uniform distribution of particle size can eliminate stress and improve the surface hardness of the workpiece.

  4. Strict quality management: the manufacturing process strictly follows the iso9001:2000 standard, and the process control is strict. The quality control department carries out 24-hour tracking and testing on the manufacturing process, and the product data are traceable.

  The four advantages of the steel ball are introduced above, the steel ball is made of high quality steel scrap, the first to melt, and then with high pressure water jet molten steel to form a small ball. The resulting pellet is reheated to purify the homogenization and then quenched.