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Introduction to atomized steel shot

2020-04-27 14:38:51 administrator 0

  Product name: atomized stainless steel ball also known as: atomized ball, atomized steel ball, stainless steel atomized ball, cast stainless steel ball

  Production process: atomized stainless steel pellets obtained by smelting atomization cooling. Production process is like this, first put stainless steel metal furnace heating, let it melt into liquid metal in the furnace, and then the metal liquid atomization device, the atomization device of the key parts of stainless steel pill atomization nozzle, from the high speed out of the spray nozzle atomizing medium, the impact of molten metal, use metal liquid dispersed into countless small metal droplet, the metal droplet in the process of flight landing, quickly condense into metal particles, if the particle is spherical, the atomized stainless steel bolus.


  A bright appearance, moderate hardness, long life, no rust, round;

  B oxidation skin, deburring, surface complete processing, strengthening the matrix, cover up defects, after processing the workpiece has a matte effect, highlighting the nature of the metal, no rust;

  C processing the same number of workpiece, the consumption of the least atomized stainless steel pills. The resulting waste is the least, cleaning costs are also the lowest;

  Consumption: the consumption of atomized stainless steel pellets is less than 2 kg per ton of polished aluminum alloy casting compared with other abrasives.

  1000 kg of alumina gold steel sand is only equivalent to 70 kg of atomized stainless steel pellets

  1000 kilograms of glass bead is equivalent to 10 kilograms of atomized stainless steel ball only

  1000 kg of ordinary steel shot is only equivalent to 500 kg of atomized stainless steel shot

  D with atomized stainless steel shot spraying processing of the workpiece without pickling rust.

  Gauge: 0.05mm-2.0mm other specifications customized

  Application: it is widely used for surface finishing of aluminum casting, copper casting and zinc casting, sandblasting and polishing of various metal surfaces, deburring and burring of casting workpiece, sandblasting and polishing of edge surface and surface of casting products. Can make your product flat, bright, bright, to achieve the effect of whitening.


  Inner packing: 25kg/ inner bag.

  Outer packing: nylon woven bag, kraft paper bag, carton.

  Full ton packing: pallet or ton bag.