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Introduction of some rules and matters needing attention for the use of stainless steel pills

2020-04-27 14:36:07 administrator 0

  Stainless steel ball in the current industry although can not see too much trace of it, but its role is still very huge, the following is followed by small make up to look at some use of cast steel ball rules and precautions:

  Steel wire cutting shot for HRC58? Hardness between 65, than the steel ball, cast iron ball hardness is higher, it is more brittle, shorter life, how to limit the scope of application, mainly used for peening strength requirements high place. Iron shot than steel shot more difficult than the use of spray metal parts, so part in the shooting of high strength materials, general cast iron shot hardness value. Pay attention to the use of iron shot, steel wire cutting shot on the aluminum alloy material, the surface of the aluminum will produce iron pollution, should be promptly cleaned to avoid serious surface electrochemical corrosion.

  Steel wire cutting shot used in the industry:

  1. Mold industry: generally speaking, the mold is cast more, and the mold itself is required to be smooth, shot blasting cleaning machinery can be according to different requirements for polishing treatment, will not damage the original shape and performance of the mold.

  2. Shipyard: the steel plate used by the shipyard has iron rust. The quality of steel wire shot cutting raw materials will affect the quality of shipbuilding.

  3. Bearing plant: the bearing is made by mold pressing, the surface is smooth, but sometimes there are still some impurities or burrs, which also need to be cleaned, then the blasting cleaning machine comes in handy.